1. ill get in evrybodys heart ur gonna see me! see me on 30 tvs in back of the hardware store
    see me on the bilboard getting hit thru my face by a younguns homerun baseball
    see me holding up the coffee cup for the camera


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  3. cross behind l to r
    spin baseline off l pivot foot
    shammgod with l thru legs to same hand/push-pull
    spin out to shoulder off r pivot foot n gather

    ok gimme 2 months

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  6. she only love me for my jutsu

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  7. so i read in this freedarko book that stephon marbury is something like the most talented player who still made all of his teams worse and he has such a long tuff nba history but i also heard he won a championship in the chinese basketball league and it was like everything he wanted

    he’s also gonna play himself in an opera about his life in china

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  9. doomeddear the bb tagged me n im on myspace!! **

    i tag fullmetalstarterjacket and thespacejams of course


    Name: philip
    Birthday: may 27
    Favourite color: shit iawno!! orange !
    Lucky number: 9 and 27, i see 27 everywhere

    Height: my mom always wants to measure me bc she thinks im getting taller eem though im 21 and last time like a week ago i was 5’10

Talents: shit uhh i got a solid sweeping hook! ppl aren’t usually good at defending it and it’s good for like spacing idk it was the first move that really expanded my game and help me not lose all the time!

    n i can make my pupils shake its good for making lil kids laugh !!

    Last dream you remember: all i can remember about my dream last night was being around friends from school

    Can you juggle: no!!!

    Art/sports/both: thats my life !!!!

    Do you like writing: ya it helps me mark shit and work thru shit! shit!!!!

    Do you like dancing: u know i hated dancing forever cause i was a chubby shy kid for most of my life but in college i found out dancing rules!! i love 2 dance

    Do you like singing: yeah all the time especially in my car ima hit all the pitches in the song i dun care if its jeremih singing way up high im gonna match it bad!!


    Dream vacation: even if i could go anywhere id probably just end up going back to greece. just a good feeling of home that i miss

    Dream wedding: bride poster dunks on me for our wedding picture


Dream job: i thought about how when you start out its changing who u are to cater to the money like lying on a resume and shit to get a minimum wage job and at the opposite end of the spectrum its kanye level where the money caters to who u are. and art is weird man art makes money but like only because capitalism makes it so unnecessarily mystical but idk i dont have answers on fixing that. i think i could make people happy and live better with the stuff im good at and the things i like to do and get paid enough off it to support my family and do right by them and thats like 100% of my goals right there besides making the nba

    Favourite song: thats 2 hard so im gonna make a few off brand categories

    song i always come back to when im in a dark place is the trick by das racist

    song i heard for the first time a week ago thats ruling me is billy not really by death grips

    songs that ruled my summer include crew by tory lanez and bossa by uglyfrank

    Last song you heard on the radio: yeah whatever was last on at work but ive actually been tuning it out lately.

    Least favourite song: all that’s coming to mind is like a really dumb time when i was uncomfortable in a car and kanye’s get em high was playing

    Least favourite album: this is hard but today i was thinking sordid sentinels is my favorite pavement album ill give u that



    Guys/girls/both: girls

    Hair color: brwn

    Eye color: if u ask ppl what color their eyes are n theyre brown they’ll give u all different kinds of shades of brown and i wish i knew mine but idk! theyre brown!

    Humorous/serious: in other people? ya its gotta be both right?? i dont think u can pick !!

    Biggest turn-off: not something i have like a list of and nothing unobvious comes to mind 

    Biggest turn-on: man how do u put a kinda embarrassing question right at the end just hanging off the page!! fuk u

    like talking in my ear or w.e idk why

    and accents


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  12. wow what the fuck

    id wear these 2 a fancy restaurant plus at home watching tv


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  14. db-omar:

    iverson 2 real


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