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    Iman Shumpert — New York Knicks

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  4. miss u mike

    my heart kinda broke when we amnestied him. i stopped watching basketball around 2006 and didnt really watch us win our first chip partially cuz of a distance with my dad. when i started watching again it the end of my first year of college in 2011 and i watched us lose in the finals n i was getting to know the new heat just like when i was a kid. when i was a kid going to heat games i always knew every player and wanted everyone to do good even vladimir stepania who scored maybe 2 points a game and there was eddie jones and brian grant and caron and rasual butler and all them. and mike miller was like that for me in 2012. just such a good heart and the way he played through the back pain. no one’s ever gonna forget him hitting 7 threes in the championship clinching game in 2012.

    it just hurt when we let him go because it didnt seem to make that much sense. they assumed too much that our other 3 shooting role players could take his place in that new heat style of having our stars drive and be able to kick out to the shooters. we got rid of joel anthony anyway and in all we saved what 2 mil? im not enough of a basketball nerd to know offhand if we were under the cap but i doubt it so what’s the point? just took too much away from the soul of our team

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    summer romance

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    look at how apathetic everyone is. we’re gonna bust so much ass in fiba this year and still look sad as hell doin it. fuck yeah america.

    Kevin “Glo Gang” Durant

    Derrick “What The Hell Am I Doing on the Court” Rose 

    Kevin in the teacher power stance

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  9. lookin at her like yu yu you yu yu you yu hakusho

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    house shoes

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  11. i hate my job but getting money feels good though,. its a joke how many people i got romantically involved with at the wrong time and i think about it every night . im quietly having a very real summer but my head is more into love thats not around me. its not someshit i can make a point to stop doing its just howitis


  12. i never listened to her but i like her forehead

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